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You may be wondering why Athena is in the name. I don't believe in the Greek gods, but Athena has always intrigued me. Athena is the goddess of wisdom, inspiration, and arts (as well as several other subjects). I consider English (the reading and writing part specifically) to be made of wisdom and inspiration - as well as an art form. It's beautiful and constantly changing and growing.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Final Post (for this semester...)

I really like blogging and I had just started my own blog last semester. This semester I was shocked to find that two of my classes had us start blogs so it was a bit overwhelming for me.

I thought it was really cool that as a class we worked with Blogger, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and others to learn about the concepts we went over in class. Levinson's book talked about "new new media" areas that I was familiar with such as Facebook and Twitter, but they made me realize what I was using them for and maybe change what I was using them for. I found most of the chapters I could relate to. In the second book we used, Jenkin's Convergence Culture, I was not familiar with all of the chapters. For example, (and I have friends who can't believe this) I have never read the Harry Potter series.

The class also worked on a wiki with all of the information learned throughout the class. Looking at the differences between my writing on here and on there, I was very different in my tone of writing. On my blog, I am more personal and free to be creative. On the wiki, I was trying to be more formal and factual based on information in the book. I hope to keep the blog going but I would like to focus more on my personal one that I use to share my writing.

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  1. Thanks for the votes in favor of trying all these out, Chelsea! Looks like you've made good use of it.